• Mom's The Word

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray

    Portraits of the modern mother #thejuggleisreal

    Balancing life and family is a demanding 24/7 job, to celebrate Mother's Day, we asked a few of our favourite task masters how they approach their most important role.

    A collection of portraits in which the modern mother plays muse. Each successful in their own agenda with family at the heart of it all. 

    We couldn't help but get inspired by their style along the way...


  • Mom's The Word - Natalie Meldrum

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray

    Business owner and crazy creative behind kids shoe brand Pretty Brave, and mother to Skye (9) and Blake (7), Natalie shares with us what she loves most about being a parent, her exciting new adventure – AND having the family together again for Mother’s Day

     Natalie wears Frankie handbag in black

    Best part of being a mother: I LOVE being a mum for a hundred reasons. But near the top would be because my kids can make any moment special. I am constantly inspired by how Skye and Blake see every day as a new adventure and opportunity for discovery. I love how being a mum takes you back to being a kid!

    What you didn’t see coming: Parenting is a moving target… just when you think you have it sorted, new challenges pop up. It seems just the other day I was obsessing on sleep routine with a newborn, but soon I’ll be worried about boy-racers. I have discovered that with kids there is always something new around the corner and you constantly have to adapt your parenting to keep up.

    Values you want to instil in your children: Love yourself and others, family is number one and don’t be afraid of hard work to take you anywhere you want to go.

    Juggling Pretty Brave and your role as a mother: Challenging! But the flexibility allows me to be the mum that’s always there for school pick up and parent help. Having my own business is 2-4-7 but I am lucky to have amazing family support, especially my mum, who helps me above and beyond. And now I understand the cliché - the importance of great staff.

    Tell us about your next big move: Toddler market here we come. Pretty Brave launched 2 years ago which means we have babies who have been with the brand since they were born. Now I’m starting to get messages from mums who are devastated their children no longer fit our shoes! Moving into bigger sizes is a natural progression for the business and enables us to grow alongside our little customers.

    Sunday routine: Sundays in our house are always special. It’s the day when the laptops don’t come out and we just be a family. Skye has just mastered the coffee machine, so the morning starts with coffee in bed. Tim is on Sunday breakfast and we often get spoilt with waffles or pancakes. During the day we like to head off on a family adventure and having spent 5½ years in Spain we still feel like we’re rediscovering New Zealand. It’s easy to just walk out the door and show the kids our amazing country. A few weeks ago we explored Rangitoto Island where we hadn’t been to forever, but our little missions can be as simple as heading down to the local beach after a storm.

    Mother’s Day wish list: On Mother’s Day my kids and I would have just moved to Bermuda. Tim has been there for a month prepping with Team NZ for the upcoming America's Cup. I’ll be happy for our family to be together again, have sunshine on our skin and smiles on our faces ready for our next adventure.

  • Mom's The Word - Roanne Jacobson

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray

    MEET ROANNE: Business owner, designer, coffee drinker and mother to Jack, 11 years and Adam, 9 years. Ro shares with us her thoughts on raising sons in a busy world, AND what is on her Mother’s Day wishlist...

     (Roanne carries new style, Gita in black 'bubble' textured leather)

    Best part about being a mother: The quiet confidential conversations and the cuddles.

    Favourite parenting advice you received: It goes fast, so make the moments count.

    What you didn't see coming: How they would destroy my furniture.

    Raising sons in this busy world: Get them outdoors and active.

    Getting that balance between work and motherhood: Balance comes with two big words…Get Help. Your partner, grandparents, babysitters, house cleaners, whatever it takes.

    Values you want to instil in your boys: Hard work, determination, passion and focus and being a good person while following your dreams.

    Your Ideal Sunday: A sleep in followed by coffee and a nice long walk.

    Your own mum: Never sat down. I really didn’t get this growing up, I couldn’t understand how it was that she could never stop and relax. I get it now.

    Mother's day wish list: It’s an bi-annual request to my children that occurs on my birthday and mother’s day… no fighting.

  • Mom's The Word - Abby Plested

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray

    Wife, homemaker, life and style blogger, and mumma bear to Houston Dax, (4 years) and Goldie Grace (4 months) shares with us what she loves most about being a parent - AND what is on her Mother's Day wish list.

    Abby wears NEW style Frenchie in bubble black

    Best part about being a mother: being able to be a kid again.
    How you balance the "life and wife" parts vs the "mothering" part: husband who? Just joking is easy when you are married to your best friend we look at it as a team thing. always. I always like to think if our marriage is good then our kids will be good. So, we as a couple come first before the kids.
    Favourite parenting advice you received:  Let your no's be no and your yes be yes.
    What you didn't see coming: The amount of times I would say " because I said so" 
    Values you want to instil in your children: To know their truth ALWAYS.
    Tell us about your mum: She is the strongest woman I know. Complete rock star and conquers all with such grace. My hero.
    Weekdays vs Weekend: Chaos vs Chaos 
    Mother's day wish list: too big to list.... but one thing I am dying for is the Goddess bracelet from Zoe and Morgan in silver ( I pray Daniel is reading this) 

  • Mom's The Word - Caitlin Taylor

    Posted by Brooke Fairgray
    "Personal stylist, flamingo fanatic and mother to Emmie, 8 months, shares with us what she loves most about being a parent, and the values she hopes to instil in her daughter..." 
    (Caitlin wears Baby Frankie, a little bag to help with her big days)
    Best part about being a mother: That cheeky smile when she recognises me, and the realisation I have that I’m her person. And I’m going to be her person for the rest of her life. that is so freakin’ cool!

    Favourite parenting advice you received: "Buy a pack of old-school cloth nappies” I did and I use them for EVERYTHING (except, ironically, as nappies).

    What you didn't see coming: The never-ending-ness of it all (apparently you get to keep them! ) but at the same time, the overwhelming sense of love for this tiny human person. 

    Having your own business and having a baby: Is a crazy idea! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I get to spend heaps of time with my tiny human, but I still get to be a little bit of me everyday. My business keeps me sane.

    Values you want to instil in your daughter: To be kind. If everyone was just kind to one another, the world would be a much different place

    Your Ideal Sunday: It starts with a sleep-in! (what? what is that) and is filled with lots of family time, and maybe some good coffee and avo on toast. 
    Mother's day wish list: see last note re sleep-in. and then add coffee in bed haha. I wouldn’t say no to a new Saben bag either though….. just something big enough to carry all of the things (babies need a lot of stuff)
    We would recommend the Go-Tote, perfect to throw it all in, and as the name suggests: GO!